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Studio: punished-girls

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:57:41
Resolution: 360x276
Size: 585,9 MB

Description: Mary's intentions were very honorable when she decided to go to Africa, working as a Missionary. However, she has a very weak side when it comes to sex. This shows in the inappropriate way that she dresses, and in the fact that she had been fornicating with the local Chief's son. This became the last straw for the Director in charge of the missionaries. Mary was summoned and duly punished with a spanking on her bare bottom before being stripped naked for a tawsing and a caning with the implement kindly provided by the Chief himself. A refugee sees no harm in flirting with one of the aid workers. On a recent inspection, it is discovered that she has a large hoard of food. She is summoned before the Director lectured and then beaten on her bare bottom. She is reluctant to tell the Director where it was that she acquired the contraband food. But the many cane strokes across her bare bottom soon starts to make her tongue wag.
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