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Cover Doctor Of Discipline - punished-girls - LQ/WMV
Screenlist - Doctor Of Discipline - punished-girls - LQ/WMV

Studio: punished-girls

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:54:40
Resolution: 360x276
Size: 560,2 MB

Description: Miss Larson's 2:30 appointment with her special Doctor takes on an entire new experience for her. Previously she had been given strict instructions to take her medicine, which she ignored. For this, the doctor decided to put the girl through a humiliating ordeal of tests, fallowed by his own brand of special treatment. "Are you sure this is necessary", enquires Miss Larson, "Of course, Miss Larson!" he replies. Over the knee hand spanking on this pretty girls bottom are soon followed by the strap. Meanwhile the nurse is looking on doing a few checks of her own. The doctor finally uses the cane to finish off this wayward patien therapy session. The 3:00pm appointment is a schoolgirl Lisa James, whose persistent bed wetting give the doctor finds interesting new positions to practice his profession. An extremely hard caning under the supervision of the nurse and the now very interested Miss Larson is seen to be sufficient for this problem. On his way out, the doctor decides that it would be a good idea for the nurse to experience some C.P. She is a little shy at first but accepts it knowing it will give her first hand knowledge of her employers' method.
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