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Model: Sharon, Annette
Studio: punished-girls

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:56:32
Resolution: 360x276
Size: 580,2 MB

Description: The producers of this series have unique credentials in the field of corporal punishment video. They are authentic English disciplinarians of the tradition school. Exquisite punishments are meted out with that distant air of authority, which is so characteristic of the European style. We are pleased to bring you this time honored tradition of genuine English Disciple as depicted in this series and we hop you enjoy them as we have.

Black Marks:James Lawrenson runs his house with the same brand of fiery discipline that made him the scourge of his battalion. Slackness is not to be tolerated. And if Sharon and Annette are to live in his house they must perform their share of the shores. Needless to say, when they fail to come up to scratch, the girls are subjected to some good, old-fashioned spankings and canings. They are even spanked on their bare wet bottoms after being caught swimming in the nude. But it is when they are introduced to James' favorite swishy cane, that the girls really know that they are in deep trouble.
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