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Screenlist - Erica Scott Interview - amateurspankings - SD/MP4

Model: Erica Scott
Studio: amateurspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:17:10
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 178,5 MB

Description: "Hi. I'm Erica and no hands were harmed during this interview!" We welcome Erica Scott to Erica is obviously NOT an amateur. In this interview, she talks about having interest in spanking most of her life. But she didn't start acting upon it until a few years ago. She tried to find guys who were into it. Erica is a California girl who discovered Shadow Lane and the rest is history. She has worked with them and Spanking Epics, among others. The Shadow Lane folks saw her playing at a party a few years back and talked to her about doing videos. Erica was not spanked a lot growing up. But she does talk about one OTK spanking she got. In her spare time, Erica blogs about spanking, reads, goes to the gym and hangs with her friends. Erica then gets spanked on-camera for you to watch! If you've ever been shy about investigating your interest in spanking, watching this video might help. Erica gives quite a few tips.
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