Spanked For Trouble At School - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

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Cover Spanked For Trouble At School - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Spanked For Trouble At School - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

Model: Stevie Rose, Lily Starr
Studio: disciplinaryarts

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:10:44
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 178,4 MB

Description: Stevie is a college school student who had a strict upbringing and is usually well behaved. She hasn't been in trouble at school before, but today she got caught smoking in the bathroom with some friends and had to take a note home telling her parents she is suspended. While discussing what happened with Lily she admits that spankings have helped her to stay motivated to behave in the past and that receiving one now would help her to not give into peer pressure in the future. She asks Lily to give her a spanking because she feels she deserves it and that it would help her. Lily is surprised at first, but agrees and tells Stevie to bend over the kitchen island. Lily starts handspanking over Stevie's little jean shorts, but it doesn't seem quite as effective as when she was younger, so she pulls them down for more, eventually baring her bottom entirely. The spanking soon becomes very effective when Lily retrieves the old cutting board paddle from where it hangs on the kitchen wall. Stevie is soon squirming, crying, and pleading for the spanking to be over, regretting her request for this effective spanking as well as her bad behavior. Long and hard session ends with 10 last extra hard paddle swats, tearful promises to behave, and a hug! Adorable petite blonde girl with pigtails and a little bubble butt takes a good paddling. All Models 18+
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