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Model: Aimee Morgan
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:19:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: Aimee Morgan was recently in a fight at school. Not only was she grounded, but her dad isn't talking with her either. He's been extremely disappointed with her behavior all of the way around. Aimee pleads with him to talk to her, but her dad refuses. Finally she stands up to make her case and her dad points out that she's wearing a shoplifted pair of jeans,...he's just fed up with Aimee and he wants her to think about what she's done!

Feeling ashamed of herself, Aimee does something that she never thought that she'd do, she takes off her pants and panties and lays right over her dad's lap! Mr. Morgan is stunned, he had never spanked her bare bottom, and certainly he never expected a situation like this to occur. Mr. Morgan warns her that if he starts the punishment he's certainly going to finish it and Aimee agrees, she wants to make things right.

A bare bottom otk spanking hurts and before too long Aimee was kicking away and perhaps regretting her decision to make amends, she'd never had her bottom spanked bare before and her daddy's hand hurt. Mr. Morgan wasn't going to make this easy on her though, if fact he made it clear that if she wanted to be forgiven she'd have to go grab four implements out of his bedroom drawer and there would be licks with those on the bare as well! With hesitance, but with a sense of purpose Aimee went to his room and came back with a belt, a strap, a leather paddle, and a wooden paddle. Right then and there Aimee took a keeling position on the couch and she was whipped with the leather belt!

The belt whipping stung, any type of bare bottom spanking hurts, but with leather it's especially bad. The strap was used next, and Aimee's dad positioned her over the arm of the couch with her hands on the floor for a painful strapping, he'd follow that up by also paddling her in that position with the leather paddle! Next, Aimee would go over her dad's knee for wooden paddle swats and he laid those in solidly. Aimee deserved everything that she got that day, in fact he ended the punishment with penalty swats! Mr. Morgan put his knee between Aimee's legs and he smacked her more sensitive areas to end the punishment on a humiliating note. Aimee had embarrassed him, now she would feel a sense of shame as well as a deep soreness to her throbbing bottom.
Aimee Morgan Full HD Universal Spanking and Punishments
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