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Model: Rosaleen Young, Sasha Lievely
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:56:27
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 825,2 MB

Description: Rarely does a film come along that is powerfully erotic and artistically beautiful at the same time. These elements are stunningly combined in this, the first production from the Sacha Lievely and Rosaleen Young collaboration. These two beautiful young girls explore their inner-most fantasies in the dark exotic world of the Harem. This is a truly unique and ground-breaking film! The film is conceptualized and written by women for women (though, off course, men will enjoy the scenes just as much). Featuring stunning cinematography by Strictly English, these fantasies come alive and the viewer cannot help being drawn into their world. The passion of their real-life Dominant / submissive relationship creates an electrifying chemistry between their on-screen characters. Velvet-voiced exotic beauty Sacha is perfect as the Harem's solemn matriarch who takes the wilful princess through her training. Young, graceful Rosaleen gives an almost silent performance but one full of smouldering sensuality and passion as she suffers humiliation and punishment at the hands of her tutor. The story opens with the princess returned to the Harem by her parents after escaping its confines. She endures the shame of an intimate inspection before being informed that she will be punished. She must undergo full initiation to become Nebanu, the chosen one, princess of the harem. The proud will of the princess is slowly broken as she is given a long over-the-knee spanking. She is then forced to bathe the matriarch's hands and feet before the punishment moves on to more severe measures. As the chastisement progresses, so does the intimacy of the relationship. The princess grows increasingly mesmerized by the mystery and beauty of her tormentor, who, sensing this fascination and hidden desire, cruelly plays with her pupil's emotions. The princess is torn between defiance, pain and sexual arousal. We witness the metamorphosis from an innocent girl to a passionate young woman. After being spanked, whipped, hot-waxed, switched and caned, the princess is put through a final exhausting test of obedience as she is whipped to a frenzied passion whilst dancing for the matriarch's pleasure a breath-taking scene! In Arabian Nights: Initiation, these two young ladies have produced what will quickly become a classic work of erotica. Sacha Lievely embodies the enigmatic matriarch flawlessly, giving free reign to her natural sadistic tendencies. This is, without a doubt, Rosaleen Young's most erotic performance yet. She adds a new dimension to her stunning beauty, youth, innocence and vulnerability by showing us an intense sensuality. Unmissable!
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