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Studio: WifeSpanks

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Duration: 00:11:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: After a month of no spankings, it finally came time to put my naughty husband over my knee.

With my legs crossed and his bottom high in the air I started lightly smacking him, even through his tight underwear I could feel his cock begin to get hard. Spankings always seem to excite him, in the beginning anyway...

When I thought he had enough of a warm up I pulled down the underwear and exposed his little pink butt cheeks. Now the real spanking would begin.

I began to spank harder and the change in intensity made my husband begin to whimper and sob. I re-positioned him over my lap, which made it easier for me to smack his sit spots and continued to spank him until his whole bum was red.

As he stood up to go stand in the corner I noticed the little mess he had left on my pants, he wont enjoy it so much next time.
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