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Studio: WifeSpanks

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Description: He knew I wasn't playing around when he could see the DWC paddle I was holding in my hand. With his pants still on I put him over my lap and began smacking his bottom with the paddle slowly and lightly.

After a minute, I had him get up and to remove his pants and then get back over my lap and I continued to swat each side of his bum slowly and firmly at a steady pace.

I pulled the underwear up to expose his bare cheeks and tightly held the underwear to keep him in place as the paddling continued

I had him get up and remove his underwear, to me this is where the real spanking began. I started the same as both other times, methodically spanking him, then re positioned his legs and put him over my lap.

That's when I increased the pace and intensity, swatting each cheek faster and harder. When I thought he had enough of this slow torturous spanking I told him to get up and go stand in the corner.
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