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Studio: WifeSpanks

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Description: My naughty husband was overdue for a spanking, I had decided I would take my time and deliver a long hand spanking with a little surprise for him afterward, I set up a wooden chair in the middle of the room and got comfortable, then called him to over to me.

I made him remove his boxers before he got into position over my lap, as I directed his penis between my legs squeezing his cock to make sure he wouldn't try moving.The first few swats to his bottom where light smacks, that got progressively faster and harder, within minutes his buttocks started turning bright pink,

I could clearly see what my small hand could do in just a short time. I didn't let up, I kept spanking his bare bottom at a steady pace, I felt like I was in a competition and I was about to win, I was really enjoying it as you can see by the smile on my face.

After what seemed like 10 minutes to me, it was time for me to get out the surprise I had for my husband, I brought out the bundle of Burch. With him re-positioned bent over the back of the chair, I smacked him lightly the first few times. Then whipped him once, twice and a third time, really hard.

He let out a whimper, I gave him a second, then continued swatting him with the birch bundle.I only used the birch for a few minutes, I didn't feel comfortable with using it for much longer, it was leaving little cuts on his bottom. His punishment finally ended and I threw the birch bundle out because I really don't think it was the right type for spanking.
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