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Model: Pandora Blake
Studio: dreamsofspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:21:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 661,2 MB

Description: I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated and worked up I was after an entire weekend with a so-called spanking enthusiast who clearly had no intention of actually spanking me! No matter what I did or said, what I wore, or how badly I behaved, he simply would not take me in hand. We'd talked about it before meeting but he just didn't have the nerve to follow through! I tried every trick in the book; bending over suggestively, parading about naked, defying his directions to incite some sort of response ... preferably one that involved him putting me over his knee and spanking my needy, greedy bare bottom.

Since he wouldn’t deliver the thrashing I needed, once I got back to my hotel room I took it upon myself to unwind with a delicious bare bottom spanking. It’s never quite the same when I administer it myself, and it wasn’t long before my hand hurt too much to go on. But I was still wasn’t satisfied! Making my bottom so sensitive and pink made me want more - so I switched to the hair brush and wooden ruler I had stashed in my bag the whole weekend, unused.

The hard, sharp spanks with the brush took my cheeks from pink to red in moments, and got me so wet that I couldn’t resist slipping the handle of the brush into my pussy and fucking myself with it. The ruler marked me soundly and left my bottom and thighs feeling hot and raw, and the sensations lingered and spurred me on as I fucked myself harder and rubbed myself, until I was writhing and begging aloud to no one in particular.

Completely lost in fantasy and how good I can make myself feel, my self-spanking did the trick! I was so wet and ready that it was no time at all before my I was having a big, juicy orgasm. I spanked and fucked myself to the thought of rough hands on me. Imagining that someone might be watching my hand move between my legs put me right over the edge. I just couldn’t help but gush and moan imagining my bottom being smacked by a pair of big hands, or the sharp sting of the ruler striking my tender cheeks over and over.

Too bad my weekend of spanking was such a disappointment. His loss! I bet he’d be kicking himself if he saw how I took matters into my own hands!
Pandora Blake Full HD dreamsofspanking
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