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Exclusive Cover Disruptive Delta Spanked And Strapped - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Disruptive Delta Spanked And Strapped - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Bernadette, Delta Hauser
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:14:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 865,2 MB

Description: Delta seems to think she can go to classes in an incomplete cheerleader uniform. Her skirt is missing, leaving tight cheer shorts on display that doesn't leave much to the imagination. This slut is enjoying the attention of the boys and it has been disrupting the school routines. She is sent to the Principal, Miss Bernadette, as her behavior is unacceptable and deliberately provocative. In Miss Bernadette's study, it becomes clear to her that this smirking cheer girl has no shame about her skimpy attire and informs her this is an immediate spanking punishment. Those tight white shorts offer little protection against Principal Bernadette's hard hand as she also continues to scold the annoying slut. Then she pulls down the flimsy shorts to continue spanking Delta's reddening cheeks. As the cheerleader's legs kick up from her spanking, the Principal notices that the socks have the "F word" profanity written on the soles of the feet! This is shocking and disgusting... Delta is told to stand up and bend over in front of the mantle and to present her bare bottom for the Principal's leather strap. This is a lengthy strapping that is carried out... as you get to see Delta wince in real pain and regret her earlier misbehavior as this leather implement really does sting like hell! This is a final warning for the inappropriately dressed cheerleader; Any more shenanigans like this, and she is off the squad meaning she will lose her scholarship! At last, that earlier smirk is wiped off this disgraceful young lady's face as she realizes the full gravity of the situation... disruptive Delta has time to reflect on this, as she rubs that very sore tender behind feeling very sorry for herself!
Miss Bernadette Delta Hauser Full HD cheerleaderspankings
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