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Model: Mr. Baxter, Helena
Studio: assumethepositionstudios

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:12:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 374 MB

Description: Mr Baxter sits down for a word with Helena. He has had a call from another parent and learned that the party she recently attended and told him had adult permission and supervision in fact had neither. She was out very late, but he was under the impression it was a safe environment. The parents were away on holiday and came back to a house that was trashed because all sorts of mischief went on. She admitted to having a couple of drinks, and he then expresses his biggest concern, boys. He doesn't want to know the details, but tells her a short sharp lesson with the cane is in order. Helena is told to lay across a bench and stool in the middle of the room. The target is immediately bared, and she is given repeated harsh cold cane strokes. Tears soon pour down Helena's face as the cane burns into her bottom. The cane leaves white hot welts all over from this lengthy punishment. When Helena is finally stood up and told to have a rub and think about it, we see her with a tear-stained face, rubbing her very sore and welted backside.
Mr. Baxter Helena HD assumethepositionstudios
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