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Model: Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks
Studio: spankedanddiapered

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:10:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 371,3 MB

Description: Highschooler Maddy Marks is all dressed up to go out with her friends, but her mom, Alex Reynolds, isn't having it: Maddy has an exam coming up and needs to stay home to study and she did not get permission to go out. When Alex tells her that school is more important than hanging out with her friends, Maddy starts getting fussy and throwing a tantrum. Alex is not going to have her daughter presenting that kind of attitude, and pulls her over her lap for a spanking, first on her little cotton panties and then on her bare bottom.

But a red bottom is not enough to change Maddy's attitude, so Alex decides to show her daughter just how childish she's been acting by protesting against choices that were made for her own good. As a result, Maddy is going back into diapers for the weekend.

She brings an ABU Space Diaper and lays her little girl down. She's so embarrassed and tries to hide her face, but submits to the punishment, not wanting to make it any worse on herself. Alex powders Maddy and tapes her into the diaper, then lectures her daughter about her behavior while she kneels on the sofa with her padded bottom on display. Finally, Alex leaves Maddy in time out, thinking about having a better attitude and obeying her parents.

This video was filmed during Maddy's first ABDL shoot--so this was one of her first times wearing adult diapers! She was really shy and embarrassed and it clearly comes across in this video. Alex's scolding as a strict, no-nonsense mom is not something that you should miss, either!
Alex Reynolds Maddy Marks Full HD spankedanddiapered
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