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Exclusive Cover Luci Soaped And Spanked To Tears - punishments only - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Luci Soaped And Spanked To Tears - punishments only - Full HD/MP4

Model: Luci Lovett
Studio: punishments only

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:30:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: I'm generally not opposed to profanity, but there is a GIGANTIC exception. If it's directed *at* me, I don't take well to that. At all. So when Luci told me to go fuck myself, she was in BIG trouble.

First, I take her to the bathroom and soap her mouth. I administer a few smacks to her bottom while she stands there having to hold the soap in her mouth. Then I take her into the next room for a thorough hand spanking over my knee. From there, I send her to the Behavior Reflection stool to sit on her sore bottom and think about how disrespectful she was.

I briefly interrupt her corner time to stand her up and administer a few more smacks to her bottom, then I sit her back down on the stool. After a few minutes pass -- most of which is time lapsed so the viewer doesn't suffer the same mundanity as Luci -- Luci is then sent to lay down on a table over a couple of pillows. It's implements time.

(This is where part 1 ends and part 2 begins. Please note that it is more cost effective to buy the full video than the two parts separately.)

Luci gets 30 with the leather strap, 10 with the lexan paddle, 10 with the blue acrylic cane, and 10 with the delrin cane. Before this is over, she is crying harder than she ever has from a spanking before. Once it is over, a very demure Luci apologizes, but is informed that she still has to endure a final hand spanking to drive the lesson home for her. Luci humbly accepts her fate, and a brisk hand spanking on her tender, swollen bottom leaves no doubt that a lesson has been learned. I comfort her as I reassure her that she has been forgiven, the slate wiped clean, and am proud of how graciously and obediently she accepted every part of her thorough punishment.
Luci Lovett Full HD punishmentsonly
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