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Model: Ten Amorette, Cara Day, Fae, Dacey Harlot, Zoe Page, Miss Bernadette
Studio: aaaspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:41:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,4 GB

Description: This is our 500th HD movie release, almost 9 years to the day after we opened the website with approximately 30 films. It's been some ride getting to this landmark moment... so to celebrate, we commissioned a special film. It features 4 wayward schoolgirls and 2 of our popular female tops in an academy style discipline feature-length movie. It covers many aspects of discipline such as scolding, humiliation and other demeaning punishments to get through to the girls who have misbehaved. The film starts with all 4 girls dressed in their punishment uniforms of white knee-length socks, navy blue regulation knickers, and white tank tops. They are a disgrace to their actual school uniform and must dress in this for their upcoming punishment. The girls have traveling disciplinarian, Mistress Zoe Page (from England), who is there to carry out the discipline alongside Head Nurse of the academy, Miss Bernadette. 3 girls have their temperatures taken rectally, by the nurse, who takes her time ensuring the girls bottoms are inspected, cleaned and their temperatures recorded... all in front of the other girls - how humiliating! There are lessons in etiquette, poise and learning from their misdeeds. Bare bottoms are spanked and strapped by both ladies, as the wayward girls must continue watching each receive tearful and embarrassing punishments! We chose 4 girls who wanted to participate in this special feature-length episode, so please thank Ten Amorette, Cara Day, Dacey Harlot and Fae for their outstanding contributions helping to make our 500th film very memorable!
Ten Amorette Cara Day Fae Dacey Harlot Zoe Page Miss Bernadette Full HD aaaspanking
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