Spankings At My Best Friend's House - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Spankings At My Best Friend's House - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Spankings At My Best Friend's House - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

Model: Cleo Divine
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:46:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: "Spankings at My Best Friend's House" features "Behavior Unbecoming" and "The Desire for Discipline" in a complete set and telling a full story!

Cleo Divine is a beautiful and talented young lady, though as of recent she began doing what a lot of other girls do, she was taking selfies of herself and with other people often wearing nothing, and sometimes even in very compromising positions. Just last week, Cleo was staying at her friend's house when her friend's Dad (Mr. Rich) made it clear that he wanted to have a word with her. He had gone through his daughter's phone and found some of the incriminating evidence, and he was upset that Cleo would even think to share some of her filthy pictures with his daughter, let alone to be proud of them! Cleo had always been treated as part of the family and such bad influences weren't going to be tolerated by Mr. Rich, even if she wasn't his real daughter.

Mr. Rich gives Cleo an option, she could take the spanking that she should be getting at home from him, or he was going to call her Mom and Dad and let them know what had been going on. Cleo made the choice to take the spanking from Mr. Rich, and it wasn't and easy decision because she knew how much spankings hurt and that they would hurt even worse since she hadn't had to take them in a long time! Mr. Rich put Cleo over his knee and began the spanking with his hand, right over her tight leggings. Cleo most certainly has a firm bottom, but Mr. Rich was going to make sure that he made an impression on her by making every smack count! It became evident to Cleo that she was going to be taking a long spanking once she was informed that she'd be getting punished on her bare cheeks.

With her leggings pulled down, all Cleo had on to protect her dignity was a tiny pair of panties. Mr. Rich focused on delivering sharp smacks, making the spanking extra painful, and it was only a matter of time before the panties were lowered too. Cleo already had a sore bottom and she would've been happy to have the spanking end right there, though Mr. Rich is a stern man and he decided that Cleo would also have to take a paddling as well! Swats with a large and stiff leather paddle, along with a smaller and more dense leather paddle made the punishment very hard for Cleo to endure. She hated the feeling of not being in control and the embarrassment of bare bottom spanking, though deep in her heart she knew that she deserved the discipline and on some level she secretly craves it as well. Daughters need guidance and structure, and Mr. Rich soundly delivered a spanking and paddling that that made Cleo very sore and swollen, though at the same time the punishment gave her a refresher course on what it's like to feel cared for, and for that she was secretly grateful. (Note: this is part 1 of "Spanked at My Best Friend's House" - part 2 is being released later)
"The Desire for Discipline" is the follow up to the hot spanking video "Behavior Unbecoming" (and is part 2 to "Spanked at My Best Friend's House"). In this video, Cleo Divine has had a bit of time to think about some of the bad things that she's done and been punished for, well as some of the things that she has gotten away with in the past. In what was a bold move, Cleo approaches Nuna's Dad and wants to have a talk with him. She's certainly nervous, but she remembers how she felt after he spanked her bare bottom, she felt cleansed and had a sense of pride that she had paid for her wrongdoings. Sure, the spankings that Nuna's Dad had given her were incredibly painful and embarrassing, but maybe that was a price worth paying to feel forgiven?

After dancing around the topic, Cleo eventually makes it clear to her best friend's Dad that the spanking she had to take from him benefited her, and she bravely asks for another spanking. Although hesitant, Nuna's Dad is knows full well that there are a lot of girls who need discipline, structure, and without question,... a caring spanking from time to time!

The spanking starts out with Cleo wearing her very cute shorts and a t-shirt, she's on all fours and on the bed. Nuna's Dad delivers swift and sharp smacks to her bottom, he wants her to know that when you request a spanking it must be just as effective as any other spanking. Next, Cleo is required to take off her shorts and she's only wearing a little thong underneath, she knows that she's going to end up fully exposed by the time this spanking is over with, but she doesn't care,....this is what she needs! The smacks certainly get harder and faster now that her cheeks are bare, Nuna's Dad is determined to make this girl sit uncomfortably for days.

And what happened next was perhaps expected, Cleo was given the choice to have her spanking end, or she would have to strip naked and the discipline would move forward. Half excited and half scared, Cleo began to strip, she would now be fully naked in front of her best friend's Dad and taking the spankings in a way that she had fantasized about recently. On all fours and completely nude, the hand spanking began to rain down rapidly, Cleo's bottom was becoming very sore and things would only get worse once she was positioned on the bed for a long belt whipping. Cleo had heard the stories from Nuna about having to take the belt, but now it was her turn and she was finally feeling that loving burn only a Dad's belt can provide. Cleo would also feel the sting of a reformatory strap, and most certainly she would take swats with a wooden paddle too! It should also be known that by the time it was all over, Cleo had agreed to regular spankings after school and she couldn't have been happier with the path that she chose.
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