Heating Up The Houseguest - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Heating Up The Houseguest - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Heating Up The Houseguest - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

Model: Ana L
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:21:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: Ana L made a bold decision moving to America. She wanted a brand new start and was fortunate enough to find a friend who would let her crash on the couch. However, as soon as she was in that house she took advantage of being a guest and she would pick up loose change (and dollars), while drinking the most expensive beverages in the home. The husband (Ron) of Ana's friend wasn't having it and he confronted her privately, it was then that he made it clear that there would have to be some sort of agreement between them or Ana was going to get tossed out!

Ana seemed oblivious to the accusations made by Ron and that made him more agitated, in fact, he proposed a bold solution that would involve Ana bending over and taking bare bottom spankings! Ana didn't want to pay the rent in that manner but her options were limited, so she stuck her bottom out and Ron began to collect some past due rent. The spankings started out over Ana's little panties and Ron smacked her good, he was determined to get a little revenge on the arrogant woman. Soon her bottom would be bared and the smacks would get harder, but Ana really started paying attention to the seriousness of the situation when Ron peeled off his leather belt!

Ron took great pleasure in strapping the bare bottom of Ana, her carefree attitude infuriated him and the belt would make things right again! Ana didn't know what to do and Ron knew that he had her on the ropes, he suggested that perhaps the future rent could be paid in full if she took regular corporal punishment. A leather paddle would be applied next and those swats were hard, in fact many of them were given in rapid succession! Ana needed to make a decision and time was running out, she was going to have to make a tough choice. The final implement used was a wooden paddle. That board really stung her naked behind and in any other situation she would have been out the door, but Ana needed a roof over her head now and she would have to make a big decision when the swats were completed!
Ana L Full HD Universal Spanking and Punishments
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