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Model: Stevie Rose, Samantha Baker
Studio: mommaspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:14:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 829,9 MB

Description: Stevie has been very disrespectful to her new stepfather and this ongoing behavior is wholly unacceptable. Mother sits Stevie down alongside her husband to work this out and she still shows her stepdad contempt. He has been nothing but kind and helpful to Stevie, knowing this is a difficult time for her, and she has thrown it all back in his face. Mom has heard enough and tells Stevie she will be getting a spanking, the good old fashioned way. Mom takes her rude daughter over her lap as she is spanked over her tight jeans but they don't stay up for long. Stevie is told to remove them as the spanking continues over her tight revealing panties. It is not long until the hairbrush is also used to silence this insolent madam. The hairbrush spanking is hard and relentless over her bared cheeks as her stepdad looks on... how embarrassing! Next, Dave (stepdad) is told to spank Stevie. She finds this really humiliating but it's far too late for her to be worried about that now! After her over the knee spanking, she is told she will receive a caning from Dave. In his country this is common practice for naughty young ladies. She is given a "Baker's Dozen" of 13 hard, mean strokes. By the end of this punishment, she is one sorry contrite girl who learns that showing disrespect to those that care has very real consequences.
Stevie Rose Samantha Baker Full HD mommaspankings
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