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Model: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Miss Elizabeth
Studio: sarahgregoryspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:15:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 905,2 MB

Description: Amelia is going to see her therapist once again, and tells her that nothing seems to be working. She is just unmotivated to make the necessary changes needed in her life. The therapist (Miss Elizabeth) has an alternative way of giving effective therapy and asks Amelia if she is open to new forms of motivation. Of course, Amelia is ready for anything by now and agrees to try the suggested "spanking therapy". Elizabeth takes a hesitant Amelia over her lap for a hand spanking. At first, she doesn't know what to make of it and is shocked that it is actually happening, but then it starts to hurt and she doesn't like it one little bit. Of course, hurting is what is going to motivate her to make the changes needed. Motivation really starts to take effect when her bottom is bared and new stinging implements like the hairbrush and leather strap are introduced... ouchies! This will be one long painful therapy session she won't soon forget.
Amelia Jane Rutherford Miss Elizabeth Full HD sarahgregoryspanking
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