Yesterday's Coffee - goodspanking - Full HD/MP4

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Screenlist - Yesterday's Coffee - goodspanking - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Veda Rose
Studio: goodspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 357,3 MB

Description: Oh no! It's another Rose sister. First, there's gorgeously naughty Stevie Rose. Then, there's her sister also a bit edgy and naughty, Skylar. And now, unbelievably there's another naughty Rose sister. Her name is Veda Rose and on my is she every in need of some spanking. In this scenario, Veda promised to buy coffee, but when Chelsea is on her way out the door to work, there's no coffee... Veda apologizes for not fulfilling her promise, however, she offers Chelsea a jar of "saved" coffee from the day before. What? Yuk! Old coffee? This doesn't fly for Chelsea and so long-haired, lovely Veda flies over Chelsea knee in a flash! She gets the good morning hard spanking that she deserves!
Chelsea Pfeiffer Veda Rose Full HD goodspanking
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