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Screenlist - Spanking Woes - A Family Affair - Spanking House Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Christy Cutie, Miss Anna
Studio: Spanking House Productions

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:39:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,8 GB

Description: Three clips brought together to become one long production.

Part 1 ~ Christy is called in by Step-Mom Anna to discuss her poor academics, and behavior, during her Freshman year at University. Christy seems to think that Freshman year is nothing more than party time, but Step-Mom is very upset with her step-daughter as she knows that Christy is a smart girl who just isn't applying herself to her lessons and classes. Furthermore, Step-Mom is paying for University and is in no mood for her saucy step-daughter's attitude and eye rolling! Anna decides that the best way to remedy this situation is to take this naughty college girl over her knee for a long overdue spanking! Step-Mom spanks a resisting Christy, first, over her cute summer dress and panties, and then the dress comes up and the panties come down for a bare bottom, over the knee, disciplinary hand spanking with Step-Mom's strong arm. Though Christy resists, she isn't going to get out of this spanking! Step-Mom Anna continues to drive the point home with the hairbrush on Christy's now-sore, bare, red bottom. Once the spanking is finished, Step-Mom needs to step out to cool off and leaves Christy kneeling on the chair in the corner, burning bottom on display.

Part 2 ~ After Christy received her spanking from her step-mother, Anna, for doing so poorly in college, Step-Mom left the house to cool off, and to call her step-sister, Elizabeth. Aunt Elizabeth shows up at Christy's house as Christy is on the phone with her friend, Elizabeth's step-daughter, Sarah. Christy is complaining to Sarah about how her step-mother spanked her! Aunt Elizabeth has come over to continue the spanking that Christy's step-mother began a short while ago.

Aunt Elizabeth is not going to take any attitude from her niece and she takes her niece over her knee to hand spank her over her cotton panties, then on her bare, already sore bottom. But, to drive this point home, Aunt Elizabeth is going to have Christy hand her the hairbrush and ask for further punishment. Christy takes a bit of a surly attitude, which earns her a harder hairbrushing than she'd have hoped. Elizabeth leaves her niece to call her step-sister Anna, rubbing her sore, red bottom.

Part 3 ~ Anna is Elizabeth's younger step-sister, and Elizabeth has already taken Anna's step-daughter, Christy, across her knee for punishment on her poor behavior while at University. Elizabeth came over to not only have a chat with her step-sister about how Christy's punishment went, but to also teach Anna a lesson. No differently than when they were growing up, Elizabeth was the disciplinarian of the family when Step-Mom wasn't around to deliver a spanking.

Elizabeth takes her reluctant step-sister across her knee and hand spanks her over her slacks, then insists that Anna's pants come down for more hand spanking. Anna gets a solid hand spanking over her panties and then, on her bare bottom! Anna kicks her legs and cries out, but those complaints fall on deaf ears as step-sister Elizabeth continues the scolding and the spanking. Just when Anna is hoping that the spanking is finished, Elizabeth makes her ask for a hairbrush spanking, just as she had done with her niece, Christy. Anna gets a solid round of hairbrush spanking on her now sore, bare bottom.

Elizabeth leaves Anna to contemplate and rub her red, aching backside...
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