Peeping Tom Pov - POV Spanking - HD/MP4

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Model: Aleesha Fox
Studio: POV Spanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:06:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 186,6 MB

Description: You've been invited to a party, it's a little bit kinky for you, you're a little thrilled but don't know whether to stay or go and then you hear spanking noises in the next room, it's unmistakeable! "Smack slap thwack!" - You see the door is slightly ajar, but you can't quite see enough through the frosted glass panes so you take more of a peek! OMG! You witness a couple spanking, a beautiful girl played by Aleesha Fox is over the lap of some lucky fella. In this fantasy film, you don't know whether to stay or go, it's wrong to peep furtively like this and you decide to go, but you're drawn back to what you just witnessed... your heart is racing as you take more of a risk this time as the view is too good to miss! Thendisaster! You make a noise and they discover you watching their playtime. he's furious with you and Aleesha calls you a pervert, but they don't look threatened by you and you are invited to watch more of what they get up to... he's strict and stern and tells you he is displeased with your sneaky behavior... however, as you get excited at the thought of seeing more of this spanking action you are made aware that it's YOUR turn next! Secretly, you become even more excited and pretend to be shocked but actually you can't wait to be spanked like the dirty Peeping Tom that you are! A nice POV perspective of you, the "Peeping Tom" - caught and made to view more spanking action! It's tough, eh? The shame of it :)
Aleesha Fox HD POV Spanking
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