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Model: Mischa, Veronica Bound, David Pierson, Amber Pixie Wells
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:39:16
Resolution: 1440x1072
Size: 1,9 GB

Description: Spanking Mischa - A Classic Compilation

1. Locker Room Pranks: Mischa had been playing pranks on her classmates in the girls’ locker room. After she managed to lock the other girls out of their locker's flowing swim class leaving them unable to get to their clothes, Coach Veronica has had enough and takes the naughty naked imp over her lap for a long spanking while the other girls looked on with both shock and pleasure.

2. School Money and the Cheerleader: David finds out that his step-daughter, Mischa has been spending the money he gave her for school needs on parties instead. Mischa was the captain of her cheerleading squad felt compelled to throw these events as it is expected of her. David confronted his adorable step-daughter with the information while Mischa attempted to get out of trouble using her overwhelming cuteness. Unfortunately for her, Step-Daddy had none of it and gave her a hard bare bottom spanking with a wooden otk paddle.

3. Maternal Discipline: Mischa misbehaved horribly at a neighbor's pool party. Not only did she push the cat into the pool she also pushed her friend’s elderly grandmother in as well. After a phone call was sent from her friend's step-mother Veronica went and took her step-daughter by the arm and dragging her down the block to face her discipline. Her step-mother took her over her lap, lowered her bikini bottom and gave her a lesson with the hairbrush administered to her bare bottom.

4. Trip to the study: Mischa has been misbehaving, cutting school and coming in late. As a result her step-mother had grounded her. Despite that she had left the house to attend a party. Now she has been summoned to her step-father's study. She knows that being called to her step-father's study is not good news. She finds herself being taken over Step-Daddy's lap and spanked with her own shoe. When her bottom was bared all she could say was " stop, this is embarrassing ."

5. Office Discipline: Mischa was called to a meeting with Miss Veronica in a storage area of the office. She wanted to discuss the girl’s habit of gossiping to other employees and her manner off attire. When Mischa didn’t take either subject seriously she quickly found herself over Miss Veronica’s lap.

6. The Discipline Room: Mischa is in trouble at school once again. This senior has a crush on Mr. Roberts the school's disciplinarian. This time surprised and alarmed to meet with Ms. Wells, the elementary school disciplinarian about her punishment. She is even more surprised when she’s given the standard elementary school punishment – a spanking!
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