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Model: Joelle Barros, Pi, David Pierson
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:50:49
Resolution: 1900x1072
Size: 2,1 GB

Description: The Family Business

Cousins Joelle and Pi have entered into business together. Joelle's business driven personality often clashes with Pi's free spirited artistic nature.

1. Good Impression: Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat. Pi swears that she will take her job more seriously from now on, but is she just telling Joelle what she wants to hear to end her painful spanking?

2. Office Dress Code: Pi has pushed the boundary of what's considered appropriate office casual attire. Joelle uses a leather strap to send the message that proper appearance is essential to good business.

3. Unprepared: Pi shows up to an important meeting with a potential advertiser completely unprepared. Joelle is incensed at her cousin's continued irresponsibility. Joelle bends Pi over a step-stool for a hard hairbrush spanking.

4. Artistic Differences: Pi expressed her artistic opinion far too strongly to a potential client. She claims she was offering only constructive criticism but she crossed the line to being offensive and now Joelle is left to sort out the mess. Joelle gives Pi an over the knee spanking for the trouble she's caused.

5. Role Reversal: Joelle mishandled company money and it's Pi that steps in to correct the situation. Of course Pi isn't about to let Joelle go unpunished after she's been on the receiving end so many times. Pi takes a small leather paddle to her cousin's bottom to make sure she's learned her lesson.

6. Financial Error: David has heard about the misappropriation of company funds and is not pleased with how the girls handled the situation. Even though Pi assures David that she took care of everything, he punishes Joelle himself as Pi looks on.

7. A Little Talk:David now wants to have a little talk with Pi. Of course a talk with Uncle David usually takes place over his knee and that's just where Pi finds herself.
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