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Model: Kitty Catherine, Skyler Grey
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:50:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: 1. Saturday Morning Spanking: Kitty knew she was in for a spanking when her step-mother angrily told her that they would be having a talk the next morning. The night before, Kitty had turned on her TV at 3 AM and awakened her step-mother. This was not the first time.
Kitty meekly arrived to this meeting only to find her fears of a spanking correct. After a brief conversation, she was taken over her step-mother's lap, her PJ bottoms were taken down, and a hard spanking ensued. Soon, she found herself sobbing as her step-mother's firm hand landed upon her bare bottom. Through her tears and snot she promised not to do it again. As Step-Mom spanked Kitty's bare bottom, tears streamed down her face as she promised to never turn on the TV at such a late hour. Once Kitty's step-mom was certain that her step-daughter had leaned her lesson, she was marched to a hard wooden chair and made to place her sore bare bottom upon it. Kitty could not quell the sobs and snot emanating from her face as she did her best to rub the pain from her very sore bottom.

2. The Lost Shoes: Kitty Catherine was sent to a very exclusive private school by her parents with the promise of admission to the university of her choice upon graduation. The school was insistent on proper comportment. One of their main rules was the strict adherence to the dress code.
One day, Kitty's step-mom got a call from a teacher at the school, indicating that Kitty was wearing tennis shoes on campus and not the regulation school shoes. The teacher in question made the call out of concern, as rebellious girls often lost favor with the school and would be asked to leave.
Kitty pleaded with her step-mother to stop spanking her and promised to be good; nevertheless, the hairbrush wielded by her step-mom continued to land upon her bare bottom until she was sure that the brat had learned her lesson.
Once her spanking was over, Kitty was required to stand with her bare red bottom facing the widow so that the neighbors and friends passing by could see the results of her punishment.

3. My Step-Sister's Broken Shoes: Skyler was in desperate need of a night out with her boyfriend. Since taking over the care of her little Kitty, there were certain needs in her life that had gone unfulfilled. So that night, she had planned on going out on a date, but she needed to be certain that her bratty little step-sister would behave in her absence.
While Kitty promised to be an angel in her big step-sister's absence, Skyler noticed that the brand new sports shoes their step-mom had purchased for the little brat were torn to shreds.
Skyler knew that their step-mom would blow her top if she saw the shoes. In order to keep this from their step-mom, Skyler knew that, at a great expense to her, she would need to replace the shoes.
She decided that if she needed to pay for Kitty's shoes, Kitty would need to pay with a spanking. After a few swats on the bottom of the brat's denim skirt, Kitty cried out in horror when her big step-sister bared her bottom for punishment.
Kitty cried out from the pain and humiliation as Skylar's hand found its mark over and over. Despite Kitty's promises to be good, her big step-sister just kept spanking.
Finally, when Skylar felt her little step-sister had learned her lesson and it was time for her date, Kitty suddenly found herself dumped on the floor. She was so stunned that she could but lie there and rub her sore bottom.

4. Don't Ignore Me: Kitty's aunt Skyler purchased a brand new phone for her niece. Kitty promised to use her device responsibly, but so entranced is she with her new smartphone she couldn't even dress properly.
When aunt Skyler tried to express her concern, Kitty ignored her. That is until she was pulled over her aunt's lap and spanked. First over her jeans, then her panties, and then on the bare.
To make matters worse for the brat, every so often aunt Skyler would take a picture of the brat in her predicament and post it.
Kitty's step-mother had warned her that her Aunt Skyler is not one to push. Kitty had some trouble believing this as Skyler had always been very loving.
Now she finds herself over her Aunt's lap with her bottom bared, red, and sore with tears and snot flowing down her face.
After the spanking was over, she made the girl with the tear stained eyes pose for one last picture with the camera that Aunt Skyler claimed she was posting.

5. The Second Spanking: Kitty had been spanked earlier in the day for watching television the night before at 3 am and awakening her step-mother. Later that day, the girl was sentenced to another spanking before bed as she had broken one of her step-mother's most precious vases and then attempted to conceal the issue from her step-mom.
When called into the room for her spanking, Kitty was already sobbing and pleading not to be spanked. Her step-mother was having none of this, especially as she suspected that Kitty's mishap was intentional, as a way of paying her step-mother back for her spanking that morning.
Kitty was instructed to lift her nightshirt and lower her panties. Kitty pleaded not to be spanked on the bare, but her step-mother directed that she was to remove her panties completely.
When her step-mother informed her that this time she was to be spanked with the leather paddle, Kitty's tears flowed even harder. After going over her step-mother's lap she cried out as the leather paddled landed hard upon her naked bottom.
Kitty Catherine Skyler Grey Full HD punishedbrats
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