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Model: Amber Pixie Wells, Miss Susan, Juliet Valentina, Richard Windsor, Tony Rizzi
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:43:57
Resolution: 1440x1072
Size: 1,9 GB

Description: 1. Go Ask Alice: lice has just come back from a trip through the looking glass where she saw all sorts of amazing creatures and ate candy that made her grow big and small. But her step-mother Susan doesn't believe a word of it and is convinced her step-daughter has been taking mind altering substances. Clearly a hard lesson on just saying no is in order by spanking her bare bottom.

2. Goldilocks Is Busted: Goldilocks has been brought in for questioning by the local police regarding a break in at the Bears' house. Officer Tony's hard line of questioning finally gets a confession out of Goldi and with no lawyers in fairytale land, her punishment is swift and to the point with a hard spanking

3. Magical Mishap: Pixie may be one of the top students at the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but Miss Know-It-All is in over her head when she "borrows" a book of dark magic from the library's restricted section. Caught red-handed by the groundskeeper (Richard Windsor), Pixie will need more than a little magic to keep her from ending up red-bottomed.

4. Muffet and Snow: Snow White and Little Miss Muffet have been called before the disciplinary council. They've heard rumors of other girls getting a literal slap on the wrist, but despite their best efforts, these two bratty characters are in for a far more intense dose of corporal punishment. First Snow is spanked hard and now with the color of her bottom they could change her name to Rose Red.
Then it is Muffets turn to go over the lap of the disciplinarian of fairytale land. Her bare bottom was spanked hard with both her tormentor's hand and hairbrush. She knew that sitting upon her tuffet would be an arduous task.

5. Faulty Fairytales: Grettle and the Queen Of Hearts have been summoned to Fairy Tale Central. Grettle has been disrupting the lives of other fairy tale characters with behavior unbecoming a beloved childhood character.. In fact She broke up Jack and Jill. The Queen of Hearts went way off script and actually cut off Alice's head.
The Queen of Hearts' bottom was soon as red as the heart crest on her costume from the representative of the FTC ( Fairy Tale Central) spanking her hard. Grettle was taken to another room in which her bare bottom was given a hard spanking. Then the two were spanked simul.
Amber Pixie Wells Miss Susan Juliet Valentina Richard Windsor Tony Rizzi HD punishedbrats
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