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Model: Audrey, Skyler Grey, David Pierson
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:06:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: 1. The Late Model Audrey: Audrey arrived at Mr. Pierson's studio at 4:30 pm when the call time was 9:30 am. Audrey was jokingly known as the late Audrey for her propensity to arrive late for her shoots.
Mr. Pierson was aware of her poor behavior and discussed his concerns with Audrey despite her manager's assurance that the bratty model had learned her lesson. She promised to be on time but felt that a 9:30 am call time to be an act of barbarism.
Audrey arrived at Mr. Pierson's studio at 4:30 pm to find the studio barren of crew with only an agitated David Pierson present. David had great affection for the amazing model known as Audrey but knew that this behavior could not be condoned by him. When Audrey arrived with a bad attitude to cover up for the fact the she was unconscionably late, Mr. Pierson knew that this brat needed some strong discipline.
With the threat of another call to her manager coming from this major producer, Audrey agreed to be spanked.
She was stunned as her jeans and panties were lowered but was even more disconcerted by the ferocity of the spanking being applied to her bare bottom by her irate producer.

Audrey's cries could be heard throughout the entire building as Mr. Pierson's hand landed upon her bottom time and time again. After her long hard ordeal was over, Audrey was required to place her freshly spanked bottom on the hard wooden bench and wipe the tears from her eyes. With her bottom in the state it was, Audrey assumed the shoot would not happen. As Mr. Pierson set out to assemble his crew, Audrey was horrified at the thought of others seeing her well spanked, red bottom.

2. Discipline At Experienced Girlfriend, Inc: Audrey had once again allowed her temper to get the best of her when a client had stiffed her a thousand dollars on her fee instead of just giving Mr. Pierson a call.
He had never failed to retrieve the money owed to any of the women working for the company, and often requires that the violator of the deal pay more. On this day, Audrey knew she was in for some company discipline and even left the door open for Mr. Pierson.
Unexpectedly, instead of Mr. Pierson, in walked Chloe Noir. Chloe was known to fill in for David now and then and word had it she possessed an unusual style of spanking. Audrey attempted to talk her way out of this, somewhat fearful of the unknown quality that is Miss Noir.
Audrey reminded her that she was once one of the girls, but Chloe was unmoved. She instructed Audrey to remove her jacket, exposing her bare breasts. She then was bent over the bottom of the bed for discipline.
She immediately found out why Chloe's style was so feared. One never knew which hand she wound use to strike next. After several spanks upon the seat of her panties, they were suddenly lowered and now the discipline would begin in full.
Spanking was a way the workers at the company chose to dissuade anyone from getting into a disagreement with a client instead of leaving it to management to deal with all pecuniary matters. As Audrey was a person with something of a temper, she has engaged in a few conflicts with clients and was spanked for it.
Until today, the task of spanking her always fell to Mr. Pierson, who spanks hard but she also feels safe with him. Today her discipline is being carried out by Chloe who employs a very different style of spanking. It was all Audrey could do to maintain her control as Chloe provided the company discipline. Once Audrey's bottom was red and sore, her disciplinarian dug her nails into her tender flesh, causing her to cry out. At the conclusion of her spanking, Audrey was informed that her spanking was broadcast and she was made to apologize to the client she offended fully exposed, and then made to remain in position with her red bottom on display.

3. My Step-Sister's Wine: Skyler was happy to help her big step-sister out. She was happy when they started living together. She had a very successful business career while Audrey had always been a party girl.
Skyler felt that Audrey's wild ways helped her have fun and her more serious demeanor tempered Audrey's more erratic side.
One day, after a particularly rough day at the office, Skyler was finally going to have a glass of the expensive wine that she found on a business trip. To Skyler's horror, she found that this precious commodity was missing.
When asked about the missing wine, Audrey admitted that she and a few friends drank  the precious fluid, oblivious of the cost. Enraged, Skyler took her step-sister over her lap and started to spank her.
The discipline was initially applied to the seat of Audrey's tight jeans. As Audrey failed to grasp the seriousness of her offence, she was made to take down her jeans and the spanking continued over her expensive panties. Then, after Audrey had sassed her step-sister one too many times, her panties were lowered for a hard bare bottom spanking.
After a severe bare spanking and verbal scolding resulting from much backtalk and sass, she was left on the couch with her bare, sore, and cherry red bottom in the air.

4. Downward Spiral: Audrey has a new and highly innovative Yoga instructor. This technique involves getting naked and spanked while in highly revealing positions.
Audrey was at first dubious of the intentions of the Yoga instructor who professed that a higher level of spirituality is achievable by exposing ones most private areas while being spanked. Finally, Audrey was convinced to remove all clothing and put into highly revealing positions while spanked.
Audrey could not help but to cover her pussy with her hands from embarrassment. She was then persuaded that this reluctance was keeping her from achieving true enlightenment and thus her hand came down as her instructor spanked her in positions most revealing.
Once the session was over, Audrey was instructed to remain in a revealing position. After a few minutes Audrey had a WTF moment.

5. Skyler's Secretary: Audrey, the special assistant of the powerful CEO Skyler Grey of one of the most important tech companies in the world, was sent to bring the important contract to fulfill an important deal with another company. Audrey arrived over an hour late and with only a portion of the contract needed to fulfill the deal.
Skyler confronted her special assistant about her failure and noted that according to her contract, she was in need of a correction. Audrey was very well payed and was given the choice of accepting her correction or needing to leave the company.
Audrey accepted the correction right there in Skyler's very active office. As business was conducted, Audrey had to take an OTK spanking that started on her skirt, the panties, and finally, to Audrey's ultimate horror, her bare bottom.
As Skyler spanked and humiliated her secretary's bare bottom, Audrey was rapidly learning the meaning of the "corrective measures" clause in her contract that guaranteed her six figure salary. Once her spanking was over, Skyler required her lovely employee to stand in the open area with her bare red bottom on display.
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