Kajira Gets Spanked - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Model: Kajira Bound
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:21:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 829,6 MB

Description: Kajira is an elfin looking girl, willowy and pale..with an exotic and kinky edge. I'm dressed in Doctor garb just to  be different. She's naked...just to be consistent. I get right down to it. I grab her by the hair and give her ass an introductory spanking. It goes well, so I continue. The marks show quickly on her pale skin. Her ass is soon a lovely shade of bright pink. I grip her by the pussy with my left hand while I swat with the right. That way she can't flinch away, and the pressure of my hand on her snatch sends messages of pleasure, while she receives spanks that send messages of pain. In other words, it fucks with her head. The idea is to combine the sensations so that the submissive associates pleasure with the pain. Then in no time at all, the pussy gets wet as the ass takes a beating. I change it up with a rubber cane, and a leather strap. And again, just to send more sensory messages, her ass gets a fingering. She likes this. Then more impact play. Finally I have her drop to her knees and hug me to show that she's grateful for all the lovely attention she's gotten.
Kajira Bound HD LBC Fetish
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