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Model: Ashley Lane
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:41:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,8 GB

Description: Ashley has just visited me. So I have her get naked and I tie her to the bed...of course. I can't help but notice...she's not shaved...and she seems very pleased with that. I play with her a bit...It's always fun to pull her hair and watch her eyes roll back into her head. Same when i choke her a bit. And although she's bound in a number of ways, she has enough mobility to pop her ass up...which always is nice. I stick a finger or two in her loosen her up before I put a stubby glass plug in it. I like her sounds when I finally push it all the way in. Then I play with her a bit. I give one hard smack on each cheek...just to see my red hand print. Then I mount her and begin to spank her undeniably cute butt. Oh there's more to come...but that's enough for now!

The fun continues as I play with the quite lovely Ashley Lane. A bit light spanking, then it's time to progress to the flogger. I give her a few strokes and ask her how many she thinks I should give her. She says '"6"...hmm...too low I think. We settle on 12. I make em count...AND I make her count em. The cane is next. She has to count the strokes...of course. They're rather painful as you can tell from her reaction. Where she's taken her cane strokes, I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back as I use the other hand to manipulate the plug in her ass. Her reaction is priceless. Watch's worth it, trust me.

The final installment of this fun little series, Ashley continues to take a beating. This time I use the metal studded side of the leather paddle. You can judge for yourselves as to its effectiveness. Let's just say that Ashley's ass tell the story. And the sounds she makes too.

I also use my short whip on her ass...but to make it more entertaining, I place the HUGE black vibrator under her pussy...which sends waves from pleasure through her as I administer little shocks of pain. Very confusing to her brain. It doesn't stop her form having an explosive orgasm though. As soon as she cums...she squirms away from the 'beast'. I remove it and give a little aftercare. Then I leave her alone, naked and bound as she drifts off into a subspace nap...
Ashley Lane HD LBC Fetish
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