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Screenlist - Amy And Gemma Caned On The A Frame - Miss Sultrybelle - Full HD/MP4

Model: Amy Fox, Gemma Irons, Miss Belle
Studio: Miss Sultrybelle

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:50:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 3,5 GB

Description: Scene 1
Gemma face to Camera: I'm Gemma Irons and I'm in big trouble at work. Any other firm would fire me, but this one gives a choice. Get fired or get the cane. I've chosen the cane. I'll report to the Punishment Room. The company nurse will examine me and pass me fit. Caned by the Head of Security on my hands and bare arse. She always canes as hard as she can. I bet you want to see the stripes on my arse.

Amy face to camera: I'm Amy Fox and I've chosen the cane as well. Here they don't hold back when they cane and they always cane bare. I'm to be caned on my bare legs, hands and bum. I bet you can't wait to see me get it really good.

Scene 2
Slowmo of Gemma and Amy walking upstairs with background music.

Scene 3
Nurse on entry phone says that that they can come in. Amy and Gemma enter and are told to remove all clothing and footwear. When naked they have their pulse and bloodpressure checked. Nurse listens to chest and back with a stethoscope. The nurse then asks them to hold out their palms and examines them. She then examines Gemma's bottom and Amy's bottom and front and rear thighs with her hands. She passes both fit for punishment. All to be standing for medicals. The nurse tells them to stand facing the wall with their hands on their heads and then picks up the entry phone and announces that they're both ready to be caned.

MSB enters checks their names and announces their punishments.

Amy Fox: 12 strokes rear thighs, 12 strokes front thighs with dark cane (as in attached photo)
6 strokes on each hand, 12 total with light cane
30 strokes, bare buttocks, Singapore Cane, Fastened to A frame.

Gemma Irons:
6 strokes on each hand, 12 total with light cane.
40 strokes, bare buttocks, Singapore Cane, fastened to A frame.

Scene 4
Amy Lies face down as in attached photo, only further forward so her thighs are where Iona's bottom is. Supporting herself with her arms on a chair. MSB rolls up her sleeves and canes her full force 12 strokes, covering an area from just below her bottom to just above her knees. The nurse counts the strokes out loud. Usual close-ups and repeat slowmos. Please show all strokes from both thigh and face view.

Scene 5
Front thigh caning as in attached photo (minus pants and face showing). 12 full force strokes from just below the groin to just above the knees. Nurse counting strokes out loud. Usual close-ups and repeat slowmos. After 12 strokes MSB tells Amy to stand up and rubs alcohol on her front and rear thighs. Close-ups of marked front and rear thighs.

Scene 6
Gemma is called out and is caned on her hands. 6 on each, 12 total. Nurse counting strokes out loud. Close-up of marked hands.

Scene 7
Amy's hands caned the same way as Gemma.

Scene 8
Gemma is called out to the A frame. Nurse fastens her to it. The nurse applies moisturiser to her bottom (not too much, no white blotches!). MSB then canes Gemma 40 strokes, full force. Nurse counts strokes out loud. After 20 nurse calls a halt and listens to her back with a stethoscope and looks at her bottom and declares her fit to continue. Remainder of strokes in same manner as first 20. After 40 strokes MSB applies alcohol to Gemma's bottom. Please show all strokes from both face and rear
angles. Usual slowmo repeats and closeups. Nurse unfastens Gemma. Slowmo close up view of Gemma's bottom as she walks to join Amy facing the wall with her hands on her head.

Scene 9
Amy caned in same manner as Gemma in scene 8. 30 strokes, inspection at 15.

Scene 10
MSB calls them over to inspect their marks, bending over to have their bottoms examined. Close-ups of marked bottoms and thighs. MSB then rolls her sleeves down and leaves the room.

Scene 11
Aftercare with nurse (please see attached photos)_ Gemma kneels on the chair and tended in same manner as "triple schoolgirls". Amy front thighs tended before kneeling on chair for bottom and rear thighs to be tended.

Final shot Gemma and Amy bending over, side by side close up of Gemma's marked bottom and Amy's marked bottom and thighs.

The End
Amy Fox Gemma Irons Miss Belle Full HD Miss Sultrybelle
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