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Model: Chichi Medina
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:03:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: Ms. Goodbody (aptly named) is alone in her room, naked on the bed. She's having erotic flashbacks to when she was tortured and pleasured by the Doctor who invented the Women's Pleasure Formula...the spray that when applied, makes every part of a woman's body an erogenous zone. She plays with herself, masturbating...but ends up frustrated because she's out of the formula. She MUST have more!

She surprises the Doctor with a visit and tells him the she has a new formula but she is not going to tell him about it...and then proceeds to dump out a bag of sex toys on the table. Next, she strips down to tiny white bikini and teases the doctor with her sexy curves. It doesn't take him long to see what she needs (smart man).

Next thing, we find her bent backwards and tied the doctor's mercy. He demands to know about the new formula, and of course she refuses to tell him. Let the torture begin! He removes her bikini top and pulls on her nipples as she gasps loudly. He sprays some formula on her every touch becomes an orgasmic sensation. 'Just don't torture my nipples' she says...wink wink... Out comes the flogger. Whack whack whack...till she cums. The formula is working its magic. Then he brings out a pinwheel. The tiny spikes dig into her silky flesh as he slowly rolls it repeatedly over her breasts and nipples. Again the sensations arouse her...even painful ones. He fetches another electric wand. As it hovers over her skin, it emits an electric charge that zaps her painfully (and pleasurably as well). He of course focuses his attention on her sensitive nipples. 'No...not my nipples!' Yeah right. Of course her nipples! He again demands the new formula. She tells him there isn't one...that she made the whole thing up. She's had her fix and is ready to have him stop. Oh no...that's not happening...he's just getting started! He uses steel tongs to pinch and pull on her already sore his victim protests in vain. She slumps and closes her eyes, and when she opens them, she's been tied in a slightly different position. Her legs are now frog-tied...spreading her open. The Doctor approaches and pulls up on her bikini bottom, giving her a painful front wedgie. Then her removes her bottom and gropes and spreads her shaved pussy. He sprays her with the formula and then uses the Hitachi to tease her...pushing it into her pussy, but not letting her cum...yet. Her body is quivering...every sensation sends waves of pleasure coursing through her. The doctor switches to the flogger...lashing her super sensitive pussy repeatedly, before using the vibrator to make her cum. But her 'torture' is far from over. He now uses the 'Celebrator', an toothbrush-looking vibrator that delivers intense sensations to a very specific area. He buries it in the folds of her tight pussy and nestles it right up to her clit...again causing her to cum. The assault on her vagina continues. Next is the large rotating, spinning dildo/vibe that he pushes into her slippery slit. It drives her crazy! And if that weren't enough, he uses the 'Celebrator' on her clit as he thrusts the dildo in and out of her pussy. And then again he uses the Hitachi. What a sensory overload for poor Ms. Goodbody! She eventually is pleasured to the point of no return...and lies there, bent backwards and limp. When she comes to her senses, she realizes that she's in a new predicament. Secured with arms overhead to the whipping post. And then the onslaught begins all over again. The doctor uses the flicker whip to lash her abused breasts, and then to add insult to injury he attaches painful clover clamps to her nipples. Ms. Goodbody gasps as the cruel clamps dig into her sensitive nipples. More lashing ensues. He spreads her legs and then uses the secret formula spray to render her whole body orgasmic, and goes back to his arsenal of sex toys...first plunging the thrusting rooting dildo deep into her pussy, then using the 'celebrator' on her clit...both causing more unwanted orgasms. He uses a bit more spray...and then the flogger to lash her pussy. It's both painful and pleasurable. Poor Ms Goodbody is headed towards a total sensory overload. The final orgasmic attack is with the Hitachi...pressed mercilessly into her overstimulated pussy until she cums and cums till she finally hangs there limp and motionless. Is this truly the end???
Chichi Medina HD LBC Fetish
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