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Screenlist - Chrissy Taken! - LBC Fetish - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:24:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: As Chrissy is about to enter her home, suddenly a bad man grabs her from behind and clamps his hand over her mouth. Although she struggles, he soon overpowers her and she weakly slumps into his arms.  He carries her off. As she slowly wakes up she she takes stock of her predicament and her eyes widen in fear.  She's been bound to a chair and gagged...and she's in some awful place.  The man comes in and she shrinks in fear.  He laughs at her and informs her that he's going to try to collect a ransom for her release...but 'in the meantime...' why not have a bit of fun???  He roughly grabs and gropes her breasts as she grimaces and struggles futilely.  He unbuttons her top, revealing her lovely breasts.  He grabs her nipples...pulling and pinching them sadistically.  He yanks on her white panties and slaps her pussy.  He pulls the panties so hard that they painfully sink into her sweet little snatch.  And slaps it some more.  He walks away with her panties still wedged uncomfortably internally see if can collect his money.  She struggles desperately but to no avail.  When at last he returns he has some unfortunate news.  He was unable to get any ransom money.  But 'fortunately', there's a Plan B. You see...he knows 'some friends' who might be interested in purchasing her for their own depraved purposes.  They'll pay top dollar for fine specimen like Chrissy.  All she needs is a little 'training'. Poor Chrissy!  'Plan B' now goes into full effect.  Her captor has her shackled with arms overhead...naked.  She looks apprehensive as he approaches...and even more so when he tells her that enduring pain is part of the 'process'. He uses a little crop on her...smacking her breasts and nipples, caressing her shaved pussy before turning her around. He gives her ass a few smacks with it and then spanks her a bit.  Next comes the cane...the painful impact of the wooden rod always sends a clear message. And leaves her ass nice and red! He spreads her ass cheeks and gets an idea... sticking something up her tight little ass will be fun and humiliating for her to endure...perfect! He gets a thick stubby black plug and slowly pushes it it.  It's designed to go in and out...not one that stays in.  So in and out it goes...and she begins to react...she might even like it! Especially with his other hand manipulating her pussy. Her back arches as she pushes back with her ass...almost eagerly wanting it more.  When he decides she's had enough, he pulls the plug...( haha) and sticks it in her mouth to hold.  Now she gets a a thorough flogging.  She appears to have taken to the training rather well.  He releases her and has her kneel like a proper submissive girl should.  And then he has her place her head at his feet... A successful training day indeed!
Chrissy Marie Full HD LBC Fetish
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