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Model: Ella Raine, Alex Reynolds, Lilly Calloway
Studio: spankedanddiapered

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:12:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 468,1 MB

Description: Little Ella Raine has been playing and coloring at her big sister's desk. When Lilly gets home from school, though, she sees what Ella was coloring on: her report, which is due tomorrow! She's furious at her sister and calls for their mother, Alex Reynolds.

Alex is very upset with Ella for constantly getting into Lilly's things despite being told not to. She tells Lilly that since she was the offended party, she should punish Ella and brings her a wooden spoon to do it. Lilly relishes the opportunity to get even, and she spanks her sister hard with the spoon, leaving her tiny bottom marked and sore.

But in this house, acting like a naughty baby gets you treated like one. So, Alex announces that since Ella can't behave like a big girl, she is going to be put back into diapers. Alex delivers this diaper discipline herself, leaving Ella a very sore and very embarrassed little girl as she picks up her toys and crinkles her way out of the room.
Ella Raine Alex Reynolds Lilly Calloway Full HD spankedanddiapered
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