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Model: Cleo Divine, Miss Bernadette, Miss Elizabeth
Studio: mommaspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:13:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 811,3 MB

Description: Cleo has been a complete embarrassment to the family at the reunion which her aunt has hosted. So, in turn, she will feel some humiliation and embarrassment as her mother has invited Aunt Bernadette over to witness and participate in her punishment. After being scolded by them, Cleo is taken over Mommy's lap for a hard spanking first over her tight leggings, and to mom's surprise, right to the bare bottom as she's not wearing panties! Aunt Bernadette is shocked that her niece couldn't even be bothered to wear panties making her leggings look so inappropriate as her magnificent bottom's outline could clearly be seen. Next, she goes over her aunt's lap while mother looks on in approval that her disobedient daughter is now being spanked by auntie. Cleo must then ask for the dreaded wooden hairbrush; how humiliating! Aunt Bernadette applies the brush hard and severely to the brat's bare, jiggling bottom. Cleo kicks in pain and apologizes for her rudeness but "Sorry" isn't enough as more punishment is in store. Mommy then takes sad Cleo over her lap for a further hard hairbrush spanking making the poor girl look into her aunt's eyes to make a sincere apology. Only when both women feel that enough discipline has been administered do they send Cleo to bed early with a sore swollen bottom.
Cleo Divine Miss Bernadette Miss Elizabeth Full HD mommaspankings
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