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Cover The Strictly English Spanking Channel Vol 18 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4
Screenlist - The Strictly English Spanking Channel Vol 18 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4

Model: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Suzi Martell, Christina, Sarah Harvey Lewis, Lolly, Chloe
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:29:49
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: This is edition starts with Chloe in part 6 of "Secrets and Lies". Chloe has come for her tutorial dressed in a very short skirt under which she is wearing stockings and suspenders as instructed by Professor Templeton. He lectures her yet again on her many failings and then proceeds to spank her once more, but this is only a prelude to what he has in store for her. He then makes her take off her top and placed her back over his lap for the slipper. Next he makes her remove her bra and bend forward gripping the mantle shelf while he introduces her to the cane Next is a continuation of the video from our sister label "Strictly English America, in which Christina is punished. She has just been spanked & sent to her room. Despite her protests whilst being spanked it appears that the spanking must have aroused her. She is caught playing with her wet pussy which earns her another spanking and the strap, but it seems these punishments do not deter her from wanting to play with herself. This earns her an even more humiliating punishment. A thermometer is pushed all the way up her bum hole whilst she is given more spanking, but she just continues to stroke her pouting pussy and so she gets the paddle. Next is part 1 of "Lolly Learns her Lesson". This is an unusual video from out of the archives. It was shot with a camera on a tripod without a cameraman or film crew. This is clear from the fact that the guy occasionally comes behind the camera and re-sets the shot. Lolly is caught drinking wine from the hotel mini-bar. This is not the first time she has dis-obeyed Steve and he has warned her that if she does it again he will spank her. He places her over his lap, lifts her short skirt, takes down her white knickers and proceeds to turn her bottom red. He makes her display her spanked bottom while he picks up the camera to give us a closer look at the results of his efforts. He sets the camera down again and goes to the bathroom. While he is out of the room Lolly goes back to the mini bar and gets another glass of wine. At this point it"s worth mentioning that the whole video was entirely improvised, Steve did not know that Lolly was going to be this naughty and so he now has to rise to this blatant challenge to his authority with sterner measures. This involves several more hand spankings in various positions and also the slipper with much more to come later. Next is a clip entitled "Party Time" Severe Cane for Suzi". Suzi Martell at a new year"s eve party submits to a hard caning, followed by a spanking from Sarah. Next we return to Amelia Jane Rutherford in "Access All Areas - Amelia Jane and the Tutor" Part 5, featuring more uncut footage of Amelia Jane spanked and strapped from different camera angles. Finally we return to Chloe giving a short interview at the end of her "Secrets and Lies" shoot, plus a surprise revelation (for her) and a preview of things to come in this story.
Amelia Jane Rutherford Suzi Martell Christina Sarah Harvey Lewis Lolly Chloe SD strictlyenglishonline
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