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Model: Maria Martell, Sarah Harvey Lewis
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:59:45
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 858,7 MB

Description: Diana and Laura are the top sales performers at a financial services company. To achieve this they have been cutting corners and riding rough shod over the strict regulations that govern the financial services industry, but the less experienced Laura has overstepped the mark once too often, landing both girls in serious trouble. Diana is furious that Laura's ineptness has put both their jobs at risk, and takes it upon herself to spank Laura with a hairbrush, but It takes a lot more than just a spanking to save their jobs when their boss James finds out what's been going on. The girls are sent to obtain some suitable implements for their punishment, and told to report back after work. Of course being a Strictly English production things are not always what they seem and there are some interesting surprises along the way, so rather than tell the whole story and spoil the plot for you, let us just give you a flavour of the action involved. Lots of OTK hand spanking of course for both girls, followed by a variety of implements and finally of course the cane. The cane is given in two sessions and by the second session you can really see that it is getting through to the girls, Diana in particular. As it was deemed to be Laura's fault in the first place, Diana also gives her some 'payback' with the cane. We hope you enjoy the plot and the action as much as we all enjoyed making this video. Fans of 'Living Doll' Suzi Martell might be interested to know that the lovely lady who plays Diana in this production is none other than Suzi's sister. This is her very first video on the receiving end, and in fact it was just about her very first adult experience of CP, as you will see from the way in which she marks up in this video.
Maria Martell Sarah Harvey Lewis SD strictlyenglishonline
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