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Screenlist - Tina Yan's First Adult Spanking - punishments only - Full HD/MP4

Model: Tina Yan
Studio: punishments only

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:26:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,9 GB

Description: Tina is a 19 year old girl who moved to California from China. Living with her family here, she's been attending a local college and taking a full schedule of classes. She's a smart girl with a passion for reading.

Recently, Tina has been overwhelmed with guilt: she skipped a calculus class, didn't study very hard for her final in that course, and wound up with a B- for the semester. It was clearly indicative of a lack of effort, not a lack of intelligence or ability. She decided to reach out to me to address the matter.

After we talked, I told her that I think she needs to be disciplined and deserved a spanking. Reluctantly, she conceded that she agreed, and nervously submitted herself to be punished.

I take her over my knee, pull down her pants, and give her the first spanking she's had as an adult. When she's unable to keep her hands from trying to shield her bottom, I instruct her to hold onto a hairbrush with both hands. If either hand comes off the hairbrush, the hairbrush goes into my hand to use on her bottom. This happens twice before I decide that her first spanking is over.

I place her in the corner to reflect, and she stands there facing the wall with her hands on her head and her spanked bottom still vulnerably exposed. For good measure, I walk over to her in the corner and give her sore bottom a full forced smack before instructing her to remain in position and continue reflecting on her behavior. The corner time is shown in full, but with most of the time sped up (i.e. time lapsed) so that the viewer doesn't have to suffer the same mundanity as Tina.

Eventually, I take her back over my knee, and I drive the lesson home with a final hand spanking. When it's over, Tina has started to tear up. She's not quite crying per se, but she's definitely misty eyed. I remind her why she was just spanked, and explain to her that I don't think her eyes are watering because of the physical pain -- it's because she knows she misbehaved and deserved the punishment she was just made to endure. Tina agrees, and takes comfort in knowing that she's been held accountable for her actions. I hold her in my arms and provide much needed aftercare, reassuring her that she should feel cleansed of her guilt for having agreed to a harsh but just consequence.
Tina Yan Full HD punishments only
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