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Model: Kajira Bound, Paul Rogers
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:14:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 845,6 MB

Description: Kajira has been warned about her topless sunbathing in the past. Dad catches her once again, showing off her titties to the world, so he marches her straight into their beachside condo to punish her away from prying eyes. Not only this, Kajira should have been getting ready for cheer practice and she needs to do well for her scholarship. All this has been explained to her multiple times so dad takes her over his lap for a hard hand spanking. Her skimpy panties offer little protection and he pulls these down to shame the hussy further as the long hard spanking continues. To teach this exhibitionist a lesson, she is placed over the couch and given a leather strapping she will not soon forget! The leather bites into her tender cheeks as her bottom reddens in utter shame! She is left to rub her bottom better before being told that she still has to attend practice later that evening!
Kajira Bound Paul Rogers Full HD cheerleaderspankings
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