The Human Table (tatiana) - Spankdom - SD/MP4

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Model: Tatiana
Studio: Spankdom

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:06:28
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 99,9 MB

Description: TATIANA, the submissive slut, is used as a table while her Master does some paperworks. Of course vicious spankings is in order as the slut can't stay perfectly still all the time. Each time she moves just a little bit her well-rounded asses in fishnet pantyhoses are hit again and again as her punishment. And for good measure her hair are rudely pulled numerous times. She's also used as a pencil holder (her mouth) and as a footrest for the well-being of her Master. Well, after all Tatiana is a good slave. She's obedient and she has great asses to spank. Basically she can be used for any purpose and she takes any punishment well, knowing perfectly well that her position is on the receiving end. (Originally posted 06/18/14)
Tatiana SD Spankdom
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