New Trainee's First Lesson - Spankdom - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover New Trainee's First Lesson - Spankdom - SD/MP4
Screenlist - New Trainee's First Lesson - Spankdom - SD/MP4

Model: Tatiana
Studio: Spankdom

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:28
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 135,6 MB

Description: A new sub-slut (Tatiana) has been picked up in a club and is now to have her first lesson as a slave. First she's notified that the humid cave will be her new quarters for a while. Then her humiliation begins as she's more and more undressed while being spanked again and again. Of course having her hair pulled and her breast hand-grabbed comes with the spanking as it is part of the initiation process. This redhead slut takes all the humiliation and the bare-hand spanking stoically, and there's more in store coming for her. She takes more hair pulling, breast grabbing and spanking while being undressed until she's completely naked and her well-rounded asses are red. Then, her new Master puts a collar and a pair of handcuffs on her and orders her to lie on the dirty carpet to spend her first night of rest in the humid cave. (Originally posted 07/08/14)
Tatiana SD Spankdom
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