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Model: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia Ann Woods, Donna, Amanda, Lolly, Debbie, Anna, Elizabeth
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:30:24
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: We start with Leia Ann Woods in the final part of 'More Secrets & Lies'. She is confronted by Prof. Templeton regarding her role in an exam cheating scam. She is caned, first just with her knickers down but then she is caned again stripped almost naked with her shapely breasts jiggling nicely with each stroke of the cane. Templeton also gives her an extra caning for the time she called him a cunt, and he points out that the only female genitalia in the room is hers, fully displayed while she is bent over, legs apart, for the cane Next in 'The New Headmaster' Part 3, Natalie has been caught smoking again and is therefore due a more severe punishment than before. To strt with she is made to kneel on a chair, bending over the back of the chair with her bare bum high in the air for the new Head to give her a brisk spanking for starters. The head has also sent for the head girl who Natalie claims to have got the cigarettes from, and she is told to stand and watch while Natalie gets her punishment, knowing that she is going to be next 'Lolly Learns her Lesson Part 6' is next. Lolly continues to suck cock while being spanked and we see some more footage from the party where we first met Lolly Amelia Jane Rutherford is next in 'Access All Areas - Her Fantasies' Part 2. Having been spanked until she agreed to reveal her spanking fantasies, Amelia is now made to act them out. She changes into a baby doll nightie and is then spanked in a variety of positions standing upright, a position that emphasizes the roundness of her bottom, then kneeling on the floor bum stuck out and up, and finally in the diaper position holding her legs straight up is the air wide apart Next is another title from Strictly English America - 'Caught' Part 1 featuring the lovely Elizabeth. As the title infers, Elizabeth get caught doing stuff she shouldn't and is punished for it. First she is spanked OTK and then stripped naked for more spanking on the bed Finally we have the first part of a new feature film from Strictly English -'The Runaway'. Many years ago there was a story in the papers about a policeman who after returning a runaway teenager to her home, proceeded to give her a belting with his leather belt on her bottom. We picked up on this idea and then expanded it to make a full length movie.
Amelia Jane Rutherford Leia Ann Woods Donna Amanda Lolly Debbie Anna Elizabeth SD strictlyenglishonline
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