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Cover The Strictly English Spanking Channel Vol 21 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/mp4
Screenlist - The Strictly English Spanking Channel Vol 21 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/mp4

Model: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia Ann Woods, Lolly, Jasmin, Christina Carter, Nicki, Anna
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:31:45
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: This volume starts with Leia Ann Woods in 'More Secrets & Lies' Part 5. Prof. Templeton thinks that Leia needs to improve her work and decides to use the concentration exercise that worked well with Chloe. He has written some new lines of verse for her to memorize and recite while he applies encouragement by way of his hand and slipper to her bottom. Next is a vintage video we shot more than 20 years ago, (before we were called Strictly \English), that we have digitally re-mastered and completely re-edited from our original camera tapes, now re-titled as 'The New Headmaster'. Natalie and Sam have been sent to the new headmaster's office for punishment. He tells them that he intends to enforce discipline by using corporal punishment, but as it is his first day he will be lenient and instead of giving them the cane he will give them both a severe spanking on their bare bottoms, starting with Natalie. Next is 'Lolly Learns her Lesson' Part 4 in which Lolly gets the cane and then returns to showing how well she has learned her lessons, particularly cock sucking. The next clip is from our \sister label in the USA, Strictly English America, and features Christina Carter in the first part of 'A Renters \Dream # 2'. Next we have the last part of 'Amelia Jane Rutherford Access All Areas Amelia Jane and the Tutor Part 7'. We see Amelia Jane's caning from all the camera angles and her subsequent real tears. Finally we have the debut video of Jasmin, a beautiful young lady who had never been spanked before making this video with us. In 'Jasmin's Homework Part 1' she is caught drawing naughty pictures when she should be doing her homework. She is spanked on her bare bottom and then told to do her homework properly or she will get a lot more spanking.
Amelia Jane Rutherford Leia Ann Woods Lolly Jasmin Christina Carter Nicki Anna SD strictlyenglishonline
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