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Model: Poppy, Barbie Mel
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:36:08
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 531,6 MB

Description: Melanie and Poppy have been caught fighting in school. They have been sent with notes to give the Headmaster. The headmaster is very strict about fighting. Melanie is particularly apprehensive. She is usually a good girl and has not been in trouble before. If Poppy had not picked a fight with her, she would not be in trouble now.\Poppy on the hand is a hard case. She's one of those bad girls who goes out of her way to get herself and others into trouble. She started the fight on purpose and is rather pleased with herself for getting Melanie into trouble. Even while they are waiting to see the Headmaster she starts on Melanie again, and in the struggle that ensues she manages to mix up the notes so that, unbeknownst to Melanie, she now has the note which says think this girl probably started the fight Poppy is called in first. The Headmaster wastes no time placing her over his lap, lifting her skirt and spanking her. Poppy keeps bringing her hand back to protect her bottom, the head warns her that if she does it again, he will take her knickers down. Before too long she puts her hand back again and her knickers are duly lowered for the remainder of her punishment. After a sound bare bottom spanking she is made to bend over the desk to receive 18 hard strokes with a leather strap. The Head then calls in Melanie and reads the note saying that she probably started the fight and that she had been warned about this behaviour several time before. Melanie is mortified to hear this injustice, but when she tries to explain that there must have been a mistake, the Headmaster tells her that she is only making it worse for herself by telling lies. Despite her continued protests he puts her firmly across his lap, raises her skirt and starts to spank her. Melanie continues to protest her innocence and the Head warns her that if she persists in telling lies he will take her knickers down. Melanie continues to protest and so her knickers soon come down and Melanie suffers the additional indignity and embarrassment of being spanked on her fully exposed bare bottom for a crime she did not commit. Melanie's spanking is longer and more severe. Only when her bottom is a bright red is she told to stand and bend over the desk to receive the paddle. Outside the door, Poppy is enjoying every moment of hearing Melanie being punished, and when Melanie comes out, Poppy taunts her about her having had the more severe punishment. This so infuriates Melanie that she flies at Poppy, pulling her hair. The ensuing fight alerts the attention of the Headmaster who then marches both girls back into the punishment room for more severe discipline with both the strap and finally the ultimate deterrent, the cane.
Poppy Barbie Mel SD strictlyenglishonline
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