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Model: Ella Raine, Lilly Calloway
Studio: spankedanddiapered

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 300,3 MB

Description: Lilly Calloway is babysitting Ella Raine. Lilly is a wicked girl who starts humiliating and regressing her young charge. After babytalking to Ella about how little she looks in her outfit, Ella refuses to admit that she's "just little baby". Lilly tells her that makes her a naughty little baby, and pulls her over her knee for a spanking, which she delivers with vigor and delight. A spanking is the least of Ella's concerns, though. After her bottom has started to turn red, Lilly bares it, and mocks her about how babies do not wear panties. Further punishment comes to her sore cheeks, but when that's over, things only get worse.

Lilly strips Ella naked, exposes her, opens her legs, and shows off her private areas. Ella is so embarrassed. It's almost a relief when Lilly tapes her into a vintage Fabine diaper. Almost.

Naked in nothing but her diaper, Ella must entertain Lilly like a plaything, now that she has been rendered to nothing but a baby. And that means that Lilly breaks out some baby toys, including a teething toy that she shoves aggressively into Ella's little mouth, gagging her and making her drool all over herself. This only further's Ella's regression and Lilly's delight.
Ella Raine Lilly Calloway Full HD spankedanddiapered
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