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Exclusive Cover Corinne Fingered And Spanked - Spanking Town - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Corinne Fingered And Spanked - Spanking Town - Full HD/MP4

Model: Corinne
Studio: Spanking Town

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:28:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: First, for Corinne, it was about a photo session in a sexy bride outfit. So far so good. Then she learned it was also about video, and finally, when she was fully dressed, she discovered about the submissive stuff. Yes she tried at home to be tied up once, but didn't expected to be a subby slut on video.
However, there she was : hands tied in her back and with a gagball stuffed in her mouth. Her master gets on the set and start immediately with some spanking. On the legs and of course, on her big juicy ass. Next she gets undressed, having only gloves, a thong and a gagball left. Her master do not hesitate and gropes her ass and pussy ; before asking her to bend over, showing her big butt, for some whipping. When this ass is warmed enough, she has to spread her legs to get her pussy whipped as well. This guy only drops his whip to masturbate her strongly, making her drool on the couch. Corinne is not mute and for each stroke, you can hear her moaning and crying. That doesn't go any better when she's free from the gagball, which leather straps are used to whip her even more. Corinne has to go doggystyle on the couch, to be groped again, and fingered. Her master uses her saliva to make it more easy to finger fuck the bitch in the ass. The french submissive cunt is going on the knees for some more finger fucking and spanking. She seems to be both in pain and excited by the punishment. The masked master spread wide her holes, to put some more fingers in ass and pussy. The guy goes back and forth with his fingers between her mouth and her holes.
Corinne holes are searched with energy by her master. She's lying down on his knees, with her private parts offered to the bully that spanks and gropes her. Corinne's fat ass is turning red with the beating. The guy is no sweet heart : he grabs her hair firmly and continues stuffing his fingers in her holes. Next, she's choked and slapped on the face, moaning and breathing hard with her punishment. The big butt get even more red with more whipping. And Corinne has to move, to put her hand down on the ground and to put her ass up to his face, almost like a 69. In this position, the brunette ass and pussy are searched deep. Doggystyle, Corinne takes more whipping before having her own panty stincked into her snatch. And the master takes his time, to take it out, using a black whip again and again, while puling on the white lingerie. Corinne receives a big punishment here, moaning and complaining as her ass is hit vigorously. Finally, the slutty bride is given back her wedding veil and she has to sit in the couch, thong in mouth, legs wide opened, pussy showing. And to finish with some humiliation, Corinne is obliged to masturbate like this. Those little french slut...
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