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Model: Kitty Andrews
Studio: Spanking Town

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:18:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,4 GB

Description: Kitty is set on her rug, waiting for her punishment. The lovely brunette admit to be a 100% submissive bitch and she loves to be tamed. Doggystyle in her little black dress, she arches her back to be a better target for spanking. Soon, the dress is up her butt, showing a nice black thong and a slutty bubble butt. Kitty moans with each strike on her ass. Her master is in charge, spanking the bitch a lot, and even having his shoe on her back while doing it. When you have a subby cunt at your disposal, it's better to use it. That's how the filthy bitch has to lick and clean her master's shoe. As a reward, Kitty is fingered and her reactions leaves no doubt about her pleasure. Kitty has to lick his shoe again while being flogged by a leather belt on her butt. To finish this, Kitty exposes her pussy and ass to the camera.
Still doggystyle and panty on the side, Kitty is spanked again, and her master gropes and spread her pussy. The brunette bitch is touched and humiliated, the guy pulling her pussy lips, as her thong doesn't hide anything of her private parts. Then the lingerie goes away, and Kitty is masturbated. Then she takes a finger inside her ass and get some more spanking. Playing with the leather belt, her master has fun with her pussy, and obviously, this little slut loves it. So this nice bubble butt is flogged again, even when the bitch is hold down with a foot on her head. This session ends with a finger in her ass, more spanking and once more, a foot on her face. When the master leaves, the cunt is too stupid to move and keeps the position, waiting with the ass in the air and her pussy showing...
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