A Special Punishment For Rose - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover A Special Punishment For Rose - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4
Screenlist - A Special Punishment For Rose - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

Model: Rose
Studio: Spank Her 4 Real

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:14:37
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 130,2 MB

Description: Have you ever asked, or told, your step-daughter or wife to call you when they get to their destination so you will know they arrived safely? Have they done that consistently and your glad to hear they arrived without incident? Have you ever waited an hour past the time it usually takes for them to call, then two hours and finally three? During that time you instant message them and they dont reply, you call them and the message machine picks up right away. All you can do is wait for that call and hope its not from a hospital somewhere or from the Highway Patrol.

Then she finally calls to tell you shes all right and forgot to call, or got side tracked. Whats worse, in telling you shes fine she tries interjecting humor thinking that will cause you to not be up set. What she doesnt realize is that the reason youre upset is because you were worried about her. Rose admitted she deserved a spanking and she ended up getting one. She got one because she is loved and cared about. She got a spanking because she needed to learn that it was a far more serious a matter than she realized.

Once she knew a spanking was forthcoming, because it was a far more serious matter to not be taken lightly, she took it upon herself to call me when she had to drive out of town for an emergency. She knew calling me on a regular basis wouldnt keep her from getting the spanking she was due. She called regularly because she realized it was a serious matter that I knew she was all right. This spanking, like the others, will prepare Rose in the future to be a good wife and obey her husband. Because the only man who step-daddy will approve to marry Rose is a man who knows when to Spank Her 4 Real.
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