Leanne Potpourri Volume Iv - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Leanne Potpourri Volume Iv - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Leanne Potpourri Volume Iv - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

Model: LeAnne
Studio: Spank Her 4 Real

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:52:34
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 288,1 MB

Description: This Volume has 5 of LeAnne's videos.

"LeAnne's Messy Apartment Spanking!" LeAnne's step-mother, along with Ron, agreed that LeAnne could move out and get her own apartment. However, she is still subject to rules and a few of them have certainly been broken. Ron came over and discovered her place was an absolute mess and decided a good spanking would set her straight.

"LeAnne's Woodshop Spanking!" LeAnne was given the chance to clean Ron's wood shop in exchange for not getting spanked for her messy apartment. Ron tells her what needs to be done but comes back and she hasn't done a thing but watch T.V. She gets spanked right then and there. He comes back 30min later and gives her another spanking because she has gotten little done.

"LeAnne spanked for taking step-mom's car" LeAnne didn't think her step-mother would notice she borrowed her car but she did. After getting spanked in the woodshop LeAnne is told to go in the house and get in position for another spanking. After this spanking she won't be borrowing her step-mother's car unless she has permission.

"LeAnne's Road Trip Spanking!" Ron wanted to take a nice relaxing road trip with LeAnne and just get away for the day. Everything was going fine until she began complaining about most everything. Ron's solution was to bare her bottom and give her a sound spanking where ever he pulled over.

"LeAnne is Spanked soundly in the woods!" LeAnne has a set of chores to do every day like all young women her age should have to do. When she doesn't do them then she gets spanked like all young women her age when they don't do their chores. She is taken out back behind the horse stall and spanked in the woods and down to her bare bottom too.
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