Leanne's Potpourri Vol I - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Leanne's Potpourri Vol I - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Leanne's Potpourri Vol I - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

Model: LeAnne
Studio: Spank Her 4 Real

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:56:23
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: This first volume contains 5 full length Videos starring LeAnne.

The first is "LeAnne Gets Her First Spanking!" LeAnne has been caught by her step-mother dressing and undressing in her room with the curtains wide open several times and something totally inappropriate. For some time there's been one thing after another were a good spanking would have stop the behavior cold. Because LeAnne lives at home and her step-mother feels certain behaviors need to stop she has had a heart to heart talk with her step-daughter and laid down a major rule. She is to start submitting to Ron's authority and spankings or she will have to move out.

"LeAnne Gets Spanked for Sexting!" LeAnne meant to send some nude pictures, she took with her cell phone, to her boyfriend but instead she accidently sent them to her step-mother. So she was sent over for a good bare bottom spanking to teach her that is NOT an acceptable thing to do, even if it's to her boyfriend. She came over not knowing why she was there and Ron was running a bit late so an overhead camera filmed her roaming the room and then sitting at the table waiting. It appears as though she is fingering herself while she's sitting and waiting so some poetic license was used to make a "Dream Sequence". We had some footage of an earlier spanking were unique camera angles caught LeAnne, after her spanking, standing in the corner. So this footage was used for the "Dream Sequence". LeAnne's spanking for Sexting includes a good ol' fashion OTK spanking, Ron's sizzling bare bottom diaper position, on her knees with her head down and bottom proudly displayed and then sent to the corner.

"LeAnne Caught using step-mom's computer." LeAnne's step-mother took a 3 day weekend but came home earlier than LeAnne expected. Her step-mother not only caught LeAnne in her room using her computer but she was naked and looking at porn as well. LeAnneis sent to Ron's for some sound OTK and straightening out.

"LeAnne's Alcohol Stash Spanking!" 21 year old girls get this idea that their all grown up and don't have to follow the rules anymore. But LeAnne is learning that being 21 and living at home means she does have to follow the rules. To get a point across even better than the spanking itself Ron finds that having the young lady strip naked and then get spanked is very effective. After letting her wait naked for about 30 mins Ron comes into the room and it's down to business with her getting across his lap. This time she's been caught with alcohol in her room. Why do girls think that putting the booze in their dirty laundry hamper is going to insure their step-mother never finds it? First it's over the knee and spanked with the palm of his hand. Then she straddles his knee and he uses a hair brush. Then he uses the paddle and ends her ordeal with the palm of his hand again.

"LeAnne Loses Her Cell Phone!" Cell phones today are far more expensive than just a few years ago and to lose a cell phone can be even more expensive. First there's the cost of the one that gets lost and then there's the cost of a new one. When LeAnne loses her cell phone, which was paid for by her step-mother, she learns the cost of losing the phone and the cost of a new one. That cost came to a total of a very sore red bottom.

This is packed with LeAnne's bare bottom getting spanked OTK, Standing, Diaper position, saddle over the knee and not to mention standing in the corner. She's is fully naked for most of her spankings and her bottom gets turned red in everyone of them. She is spanked with the palm of a hand and given a good hair brushing too.
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